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  • BiPAP VT60 ST - Deck Mount
BiPAP VT60 ST - Deck Mount


Deck Mount Respirare Silent BiPAP is a noninvasive ventilator, Offering a comprehensive range of therapy modes and flexibility to adjust the settings and accomodate various patient conditions. *Mask Included

  • Integrated Humidification
  • In.trigger
  • Ramp
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The Deck Mount Breathe Easy VT 60 BiPAP Machine is the best option available for people with respiratory problems. This Advance machine provides incredibly efficient breathing therapy to enhance oxygenation, respiratory function, and general wellness.

Performance :-
To ensure peak performance, the Deck Mount Breathe Easy VT 60 BiPAP Machine integrates advanced features and technology. Patients can breathe easier because the gadget produces two pressure levels that let air enter and exit the lungs more easily. With a maximum pressure of 25 cmH2O, the machine can effectively treat even the most severe respiratory conditions.

User Friendly :-
The device's user-friendly interface makes it simple to use. Users can easily track their progress thanks to the machine's LCD display, which offers real-time pressure and ventilation information. Users can effortlessly modify the integrated humidifier on the gadget to achieve the ideal moisture level for their specific requirements.

Easy to Move :-
Travel-friendly and lightweight, the Deck Mount Breathe Easy VT 60 BiPAP Machine is ideal. It is portable because of its lightweight construction and carrying handle. The silent operation of the machine guarantees a restful night's sleep without any interruptions.

Innovative Safety Measures :-
With its Imode feature, the Deck Mount Breathe Easy VT 60 BiPAP Machine puts patient safety first. During power cuts, it can operate continuously for up to eight hours thanks to an integrated backup battery. The machine also adjusts automatically to high altitudes for effective pressure settings.

Quiet operation:-
Reduced noise levels to ensure a peaceful environment. If you are easily worried by noise at night, look for a whisper-quiet BiPAP device.

The best silent respiratory therapy equipment available is the Deck Mount Breathe Easy VT 60 BiPAP Machine, which provides unparalleled convenience, performance, and ease of use. This device is a great buy for anyone trying to enhance their respiratory health, whether they are a healthcare professional or an ordinary person.

Therapy Modes CPAP, S, T, ST, VAPS
Operating Range CPAP :4-20 cmH2O IPAP: 4-30 cmH2O | EPAP: 4-28 cmH2O VT: 150-1800 ml
Peak Flow 240 LPM
Respiratory Rate 4-45 BPM
Ramp/Rise Time Off, 5-45 mins/ 100-900 ms
Humidification Level Off, 1-5 level
Alarms Leak Alert with Beep
Data Management 1/7/31 days, 6 months, 1 year of detailed data
Dimensions 280x140x95 mm/ 1700 g (Device with Humidifier)
Power Adapter Input Range : 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 3A 90 Watt (typical power consumption)
Operating Temperature / Humidity / Altitude +5 c to +35 c/ 10-95% relative humidity, non-condensing/sea level to 2,591 m, air pressure range 735 hpa to 1013 hpa
Tubing Standard (19 mm)
Air Outlet 22 mm Air Outlet (STD)
Warranty 2 Years (Repair/Replacement)*
Display 2.8 in LCD
Sensitivity 1-5 Levels
Ti / Ti min / Ti Max 0.2-4 sec/ 0.2-3 sec/ 0.4-4 sec
Gender Selection Male / Female
Conforms to Standards IEC 60601-1-1 IEC 60601-1-2 IEC 80601-2-12 CDSCO, Class 2 (double insulated, Type BF, Ingress Protection IP22)
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