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  • Pulse Oximeter - Deck Mount
  • Pulse Oximeter - Deck Mount
Pulse Oximeter - Deck Mount

Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter : It uses light beams to estimate the oxygen saturation of the blood and the pulse rate. Its portable and can be used at home for regular check-ups and in medical facilities for monitoring.

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A Pulse Oximeter is a device used to measure saturation level of oxygen in blood as well as your pulse rate. It is often clipped on to a finger and a valuable tool for monitoring respiratory and cardiovascular health anytime.

It is specially recommended for people having conditions like lungs disease, covid-19 etc.

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Data update cycle 0.25s-2s
Dimensions 57.8*31.3*35.9mm
Measurement range 70%-99%
Peak Wavelength range 500 nm-100 nm
Power supply 3V(AAA*2)
Product Weight 29g
Pulse rate accuracy ±2bpm or ±2% to the maximum
Pulse Rate range 30 bpm-250 bpm
SpO2 accuracy ±2%~±3% (70%-100%)
SpO2 Alarm range 70%~99%
Display specifications LCD

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